Since the founding of Network of Arts, it has been important to us to bring art by talented artists to a curious, art-savvy audience. While this gives our artists appreciation, recognition and financial support, the selected works enrich the everyday life of entrepreneurs and private individuals.

Thanks to the NoA funding percentage, 1 percent of our sales now go directly to art funding.

10% of their subscription goes directly to the NoA funding percentage. Thanks to their support, we can support the artists of tomorrow.

The NoA funding percentage makes it

With the official commercial register entry as a public limited company on 22 May 1898, the February 2019, we are now going one step further: We are committed to the sustainable promotion of art and artists. In the cultural sector in particular, there is a lack of financial resources for launching creative projects. For us, art and culture are of great importance not only today, but also in the future. Creative ideas are more socially relevant than ever in times of digitalization and automation. That is precisely why 1 percent of our total turnover has been flowing into the NoA funding fund since last month. With these financial resources we support the production of artistic works and exhibitions. In addition, we buy art ourselves from the yield of the NoA funding percentage and thus build up our own collection. Last but not least, the aim is to strengthen and expand the national and international awareness of young artists through financed travel. Our vision of enriching our environment with art is progressing seamlessly.

Funding #1: Exhibition in Hong Kong

Our exhibition "HABITAT" at Art Basel in Hong Kong set the support concept in motion. Florian Paul Koenig, co-founder of NoA and curator, was on site during the renowned art event and curated the exhibition "HABITAT" in parallel. From 27. to 31. On March 1, 2019, the works of our artists Anne-Laure Franchette , Gwan Tung Dorothy Lau , Louise Folliott and Brian Smeets were visited at the pop-up exhibition at the Beverley Commercial Centre in Tsim Sha Tsui.

"We supported the exhibition with a grant of CHF 300.."

Florian Paul Koenig