With the Journal of Arts we tell personal stories about the art world. We want to bring the art world closer together. It is important to work together as a community. We strive for deep and personal stories about artists, collectors, curators, journalists, bloggers and so on.

What makes this world so unique? What drives them? How does it work? The Journal of Arts is a symbol for young artists, curators and consultants looking for a way into the art world. Let us be your journal that will accompany you on this journey.

Melissa Jetzer

Journal of Arts

Melissa studied art history at the University of Zurich. She is our youngest curator, but she is no one in the way of engagement! She is involved, among other things, with the hip art venue “TART” in Zurich, but also with the “Haus zur Ant” in St. Gallen, where she participates in the young art scene. Previously, she worked for half a year at the “Kunst Halle St. Gallen”.  

In her free time, they can be found in all kinds of art museums, often equipped with a large camera. Or you just don’t meet them, then it’s probably just exploring the art museums of other European cities…  

Melissa Jetzer (left) in conversation with Rea Eggli, founder #letsm

useumDer Talk took place as part of the exhibition “Exchanging Perspectives” curated by Melissa at TART Zurich.

Florian Paul Koenig

Chief Innovation Officer
Network of Arts AG

Florian Paul Koenig comes from the art world and has the artistic direction in his hands. Since he himself worked as an artist and is now active in the field of curation, he knows the industry.

Florian Paul Koenig at the NoA Gallery in Lucerne.

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