Luca Harlacher — The Works with Life of One Own

The two-dimensional painting looks like street art with a colorful mixture of expressive influences. Because a lot of things happen on his canvases. The colourful elements are reminiscent of the experiences of a child who comes home after an adventurous school day and likes to forget one or the other breath, because he has so much to tell.

And Harlacher confirms, so he perceives his environment: childlike and without any advance. Close-up.

In everyday life, people are now inundated with a number of stimuli. Luca Harlacher takes this up and makes himself felt in his painting. This childlike approach allows him to record the event as rawly as possible and bring it to the screen. But here his artistic ambition does not stop.

He also likes to walk with his works. How can you imagine that?

“I take a picture from my studio to my home and watch how it works in the surroundings,” says Harlacher. This experiment creates a new context between the image and the new environment. It becomes even more interesting when he attaches mirrors to his works, which reflect the surroundings and integrate them into the work. He captures this with a camera. In this way, something new is created again with existing elements from Harlacher’s repertoire.

Hodgepodge Land (2019)

His work thrives on recurring objects and new contexts. These can be parts from his childhood, but also from adulthood. Everyday objects! It seems that his works lead a life of their own, enter into relationships and tell their story independently.

Harlacher thus assumes the role of mediator. He is always looking for new constellations. Sometimes he photographs an object and the photograph is then reused in another project.

A look into Luca Harlacher’s studio…

His studio also offers a lot of fabric. Disposing is not his thing: “You can use everything at some point,” he laughs. The chaos is pre-programmed, one should think. And indeed, Harlacher makes a special effort to keep order in this confusion. A challenge. It has its pitfalls, but it is also part of the process.

Luca Harlacher is still in the starting blocks of his artistic career. And yet a lot has already happened. While still studying at the ZHdK, he won the fischer/collegen Art Prize 2018. This is the youngest artist to receive the prize. In the summer of 2019, he completed his bachelor’s degree and worked as a freelance artist for a year.