Janet Mueller — Here speaks the raw expression

Naked facial expressions and minimalist, feminine bodies shaped from black acrylic paint are presented by Janet Mueller in her artist profile on the platform Network of Arts. Her works do not wear any color. Black is their tool. What emerges from this: pure expression and a play between artist and audience, closeness and distance. This artist lives the contrast and puts her artistic work and herself on a common denominator. Because her art comes from within and this comes unvarnished and authentic.

In order to create, she does not even have to leave the house, because her studio is also her apartment, or vice versa. It sets no limits, does not push and follows its free spirit. In order to let her creativity run wild, she needs this familiar safe environment. Only there she begins to paint and tinker, which can then also end in sawing or modelling with clay. Sometimes during the day, sometimes at night, when she can’t sleep. Once it has started, it does not slow down hunger. It becomes one with the flow. “Until everything is out there, I often stop exhausted,” says Mueller.

Artistic creation is her valve. She can’t express herself in words so well, she admits. That’s why she’s an artist, not a writer.

Janet Mueller

Because Mueller packs all the sensory impressions of herself onto a picture carrier. That makes her a narrator – just without words. In the series untitled she plays with the forms of women’s bodies and their effects. She calls them body landscapes. Why landscapes? “From a distance, the abstracted forms initially seem like a landscape. These turn out to be women’s bodies as they approach,” Mueller says. It usually works in series to create an effect with minimalist lines that play with proximity and distance. The artist also takes into account the effect in the room.

“untitled” from the series “Body Landscapes I”

Mueller also realized another series of drawings – faces – on a room wall for the project Sollbruchstelle in Zurich, which was realized in the fourth edition in February 2018. Under the motto Art at the Dying Building, artists were asked to exhibit in a building that was about to be demolished. With the final demolition of the architecture, the works of art were also destroyed. Faces was not planned at the time.

First, Mueller ripped out all the rugs in the old office and painted the whole room white. “That’s how I could breathe again,” she says.

Janet Mueller

With found objects she first created an installation, also in white. In another room, she painted her already existing A4 series faces enlarged and reinterpreted on the wall. “The faces almost merged into each other,” she explains. Again, everything was in black and white. A real Janet Mueller.

Mueller is one with art. If it changes, so does her artistic creative process. Like right now. Because she is artistically in a state of upheaval. Her latest works are becoming more colourful. Diluted with a lot of water, it now incorporates some shades of colour. But not too much. Because for the artist it immediately seems too colorful and confused.

“untitled” from the series “Body Landscapes I”