Year: 2019


Gabrielle Le Bayon — Between Bridges / Entre les mondes

In her works, Gabrielle Le Bayon freely sails from history – especially ancient history – to the signs of its persistence in the present. She looks more especially at certain traits associated with the female. Through image, photography, video, sound and more recent performance, she proposes a broad reflection on desire "as a tool that diverts the existing to produce a short circuit at the scale of signs".


Tobias Gutmann — Universal Communication

Dialogue through forms – between cultures, ages and social strata: Tobias Gutmann's search for the universal communication code is ubiquitous in his art. The artist uses a multi-layered, reduced formal language. Personal encounter as action; recorded as a drawing, sculpture or installation. In the Watzlawick iana sense, he starts from the permanent communication between individuals and strives to decipher them with art.